iPad goes enterprise, VMware says (first look at its new “View” app)

VMware just released a new iPad app, named “VMware View.” The new View lets iPad owners use virtual desktops (it lets you use virtual Windows instances that are stored on VMware’s servers elsewhere in your company). With this offering VMware joins Citrix, which has a similar system and iPad app.

In this first look I talk with executives Chris Young, VP and GM of End User Computing, and Tedd Fox, product manager for VMware View.

But what’s more interesting is how strongly they say the iPad is being deployed into enterprises. We talk about what they are learning about deployments of iPads.

With the release of iPad 2 on Friday this trend will get even stronger and these kinds of virtualization apps will get more useful, too, thanks to better projection functionality and also because of the greater speed on that device. Not to mention that the camera will let iPad users join in corporate videoconferencing/Skype calls, etc.

A lot more details about the VMWare app is on the Boche.net site.

Oh, I did also ask about whether they will support different tablet platforms. VMware told me that they will do an Android tablet version probably soon (within months), but others they will wait to see how they do in the marketplace.


4 thoughts on “iPad goes enterprise, VMware says (first look at its new “View” app)

  1. Robert,

    Thanks for the interesting product introduction. I really enjoyed the discussion on Enterprise Security with Chris. Would it possible to get a transcript?

    Re: Marketplace – You guys are dead on, the iPad is coming to Enterprise for more reasons than just checking email.


  2. Thanks for the vid – I have a couple dr. brothers and they’re all over the iPad – carry on rounds, check patient records, xrays/mri, labs, etc. And using all the specialized apps to show patients what they have and why. The last time I visited, every doc in the joint had either an iPad or iPod – Amazing.
    So, yes, it is invading the enterprise big time.


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