First look: lets you see news and info about places near you

So, you arrive at SXSW in Austin, you open View on your iPhone, and it shows you what is going on near you. Restaurants people like. News events that are happening right now. Parties that are hot. Things like that. Watch this video and you’ll learn more about how it works from co-founders Felix Chan and Zac Bowling.

Or read the Techcrunch post about it, but I have video of the founders demoing it.


3 thoughts on “First look: lets you see news and info about places near you

  1. This type of app will never fly without a Telecom deal.

    In LA we have Geodelic, which won the top prize at Twiistup 007. Scoble was there he should remember, he voted them to the top.

    The point is unless you have a deal with M. Arrington like the Dodgeball team, or a telecom, a LBS suggestion app will not fly. I dunno, maybe one of your dads works at AT&T or something. I’m just pointing it out for the rest of Robert’s readers. A lot of them visit our website too. We see a lot of referring traffic from here. Especially on how to configure Firefox to provide Facebook Disconnect functionality with the Adblock plus plugin.


  2. I think this is great! One will be able to choose from the places even without being there yet. Really nice! I think this works like Ditto but has a broader spectrum.


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