First look: “check into the future” Ditto

The location-based services are evolving today. Foursquare lets you tell friends and businesses where you are. But today Ditto (an iPhone app) lets you tell those same people and businesses where you’ll be.

Think about what that lets you do that Foursquare doesn’t. I’ll be at USVP later today. You can meet me there. But if I only check in where I’ll am, it’s too late for you to change your plans and come and meet me.

Or, think about a business. Is the best time to try to send me an offer the one after I’ve sat down for lunch at a business? Or, when I tell you at 9 a.m. that I’ll be in downtown Palo Alto for lunch? Wouldn’t a business be far more likely to want to talk to me if it new it could win my business? Sure!

Here, get a look at it with founder Jyri Engestrom.

Definitely one of the apps that will be on my list of things to try at SXSW.

More about this on Techcrunch.


6 thoughts on “First look: “check into the future” Ditto

    1. This app is way too much work. Just like Foursquare people get sick of having to constantly update. Now there’s automatic check in with Latitude.

      What this app really needs is a prediction engine based on your past Latitude or other history of location check ins. Then it needs to alert your friends based where it thinks you’re going next when you move from one location to another.

      The cost of using this app is far too high for most people.

      Latitude won the location wars because it works automatically without any further work from the user.

      This app needs to sit in the background as a background process and automatically determine where you are going based on trajectory and alert your friends via status update all by itself. If that’s too CPU intensive, then he needs to do it on the server side, just like Google voice search.


      1. [ RE: Scoble’s Google calendar integration comment ]

        An app of this type should not only make status update location predictions based on trajectory, but should update Google Apps/Calendar to notify coworkers of the likelihood of a meeting participant’s arrival at a meeting planned on Google Calendar. It should also report the ETA and status of Google Calendar event attendees based on geo-location.

        Or in the non-enterprise case, it should notify Sally of the likelihood and distance and ETA of her best friend Sue is while she is waiting for Birthday guests at her party.

        If his app can’t do that, then it’s not going to make it.

        Right now it’s not rich or complete enough to be acquired in my opinion.

        OK Ditto, I wrote you the spec. Free of charge!


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