Cooliris: in-depth tour of innovative Silicon Valley company

They do 3D ads. Videowalls that make anything on Google look boring. Catalogs that are beautiful.

I keep hearing good things about Cooliris and their team, so I wanted to get an in-depth look at this great company. Here it is. Quite long, if you watch all three videos, but there’s a ton of good stuff in here.

It’s split into three pieces:

Part I: LiveShare is a media-sharing experience (think about Color, but this app actually works). Sorry, my audio had some glitches toward the end of this part.
Part II: Immersive 3D advertisements (great for something like Zite or Flipboard).
Part III: Decks, a new buying experience on the iPad.

Thanks to CEO Soujanya Bhumkar, and his team members who gave me such a great look.


DuckDuckGo search engine users get Twitter lists (shows Twitter needs to refocus on them)

This feature is getting turned on 4 p.m. today (Pacific Time) but I’ve been playing around with alternative search engine DuckDuckGo. It’s different than Google, tries to use partner’s APIs much more than Google does. That makes it worse in some areas (local searches aren’t as good) but better in other areas (like searching for information on Twitter trending topics).

Anyway, since Jack Dorsey is back running product at Twitter (he really invented Twitter, then left to start a new mobile payments company, Square, and yesterday returned to help Twitter get to the next level), I wanted to highlight services that are using Twitter’s lists feature. Twitter really needs to refocus on lists to make them more useful.

So, what does DuckDuckGo do with lists? Well, starting this afternoon you can put on one your home page. Here, you can visit my “most influential in tech” list on DuckDuckGo. You can even set that to be your home page on DuckDuckGo. Pretty cool.

BBbbbbbbuuuuuuuuutttttttttt: there are sizeable problems with Twitter lists.

Here’s some:

1. No more than 500 members on a list. Most of my lists are already full and I can’t add more. This is ridiculous. There are more than 500 VCs in the world, for instance, yet I can’t add more to my list.
2. You can’t have lists of lists. I imagine lots of you would love to keep your own list of “most influential people in Tech” and add yours to mine. But you can’t.
3. No RTs by members of a list.
4. No way to search just folks on a list (would be VERY useful!)
5. No trends from a list.
6. No way to recommend people to be added to lists.
7. No public lists (like a wiki where anyone can add someone).
8. When you follow a list nothing happens to your main feed.

I could go on. But this is crazy. Why doesn’t Twitter do anything about lists? This is how you make Twitter much more mainstream and useful to other services like DuckDuckGo.

In the meantime, we’re stuck with an unimaginative Twitter R&D team. I really hope Jack gets that unstuck.

Trey Ratcliff releases one of the sexiest photo editing apps for iPad

If you are into photography and haven’t heard of Trey Ratcliff, you should. He gave an awesome talk at Google about High Dynamic Range photography. It’s a classic, one of the best I’ve seen on photography.

But today he’s released 100 Cameras in 1 for iPad. Very awesome new iPad app that lets you take your photo, and see it edited into 100 different versions. Here he demos what his new app looks like and what it does (I met him at the recent SXSW conference).