FoundersDen: prototype of startup heaven?

Where you rent your office space can dramatically change your opportunities. I’ve been studying this lately, having gotten around to TechStars, Y Combinator, Dog Patch Labs, and now FoundersDen.

What did I see at FoundersDen?

1. The network. Zack Bogue, one of the four guys who are running FoundersDen, is married to Marissa Mayer. Think he can’t get your company in front of nearly anyone? Well, look at the other three founders, including Jonathan Abrams.

2. Diversity of assistance. With four founders they can cover you with legal and technical help, not to mention pretty much any other startup company.

3. Diversity of companies you’ll work with. They have more than a dozen companies working here, including many of the smartest people in the business (I saw Charles Hudson working at one desk). That makes for interesting conversations at lunch, but also means you’ll find help with the problems you are facing.

4. Location, location, location. It’s right near Techcrunch and the train station, not to mention tons of other startups.

Anyway, enjoy this look around FoundersDen where we discover what could be termed as “startup heaven.” One problem, you gotta get invited to rent a desk here, so start networking!

One thought on “FoundersDen: prototype of startup heaven?

  1. Looks awesome! If I were in SF I’d be trying to wrangle an invite.
    This does pose a point though, if many see YC as being as much about Paul Graham selecting the startups/founders as it is about the product or the funding, will FoundersDen companies have raised valuations over those in other, non-curated office spaces?


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