Some of my favorite startups

This is a speech I gave at the LIFT Conference last week where I highlighted some of my favorite companies and explained my view of the Silicon Valley bubble.

I’m making a more complete list that I’ll introduce in the future. What are your favorite new startups?

8 thoughts on “Some of my favorite startups

    1. Hope that your figured out how to find the pause button? There was a size issue with the embed but it has been kindly corrected by Robert. I’m working at the company that did the recording and I’m the person who developed the player above, if you have any further issue do not hesitate to contact us. Best regards.


  1. This was a great speech Robert: thanks!

    As for other new startups, I hope you liked what I showed you of back then in Geneva.

    First users feedbacks are awesome and we’re seeing good traction as some already noticed:

    Happy to show you some more to convince you we belong in your list! 😉


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