First look at HP TouchPad

Jon Rubenstein introduces new HP TouchPad

Yesterday I recorded a 12-minute demo of the HP TouchPad with my Canon 5D MK II so that you can see what we were shown in the hall after the event.

If you watch it, make sure you switch to 480 resolution (unfortunately YouTube picks the lowest resolution by default).

By the way, in the hall I also met MC Hammer (who, like me, is a huge Apple iPad fan) and we talked about our reactions to the HP TouchPad. We also talked about the “Beats” feature and technology, which makes music sound better on HP devices than on other devices.


9 thoughts on “First look at HP TouchPad

    1. I don’t think so, mostly because of apps, but also partly because it won’t be here for a few months. Too long to wait and by then there will be a new iPad. That said, it sure is interesting.


  1. This is so interesting. the Touchpad will go against the iPad and after a few months there comes the new iPad. Everyone goes back to the iPad. lol. Very interesting competition here.



    I became quite enthusiastic about webOS. That developer guy actually showing new devices was excellent. Every single element is really high-end, including even sound. The whole system looks *really* polished, intuitive, and interconnected. Just type…

    It’s true that leaders – iOS and Android have great time advantage and an enormous amount of apps.
    It’s true that WebOS doesn’t have a key advantage of Android – openness, ability to implement custom things. So, it’s hard to expect WebOS to dominate.
    But to me it still looks like a better iOS.


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