Learning more about the hotel marketing system Techcrunch loved

If you read Techcrunch they love pretty much any startup, but they dedicated more words and images to this one than usual: Buuteeq. Sarah Lacy, there, wrote that it’s a cool company with an awful name. What does it do? Helps independent hoteliers market themselves online. So, I sat down with Forest Key, founder, to learn more about it. It is indeed impressive and I learn a lot about how hotels market themselves.


3 thoughts on “Learning more about the hotel marketing system Techcrunch loved

  1. Looks like a really polished product in terms of UI, but didn’t see how are they going to connect customers who are searching Google to find hotels – and that’s the channel where the sales funnel originates for most of the hotels.

    Didn’t find the marketing suite holistic. Sorry

    I also hope they offer some kind of offer such as 30 days money back guarantee to encourage more hotels to try their product.


  2. I contacted them about partnering to deliver to my clients and they really don’t have a channel plan together, which is crucial if they want to get any market share. No matter how easy they make it, these small properties don’t have the time or energy to do it all.


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