Can you help with my Quora addiction? (My favorite questions)

So far on Quora I’ve answered 332 questions, mostly in the past month or so.

Now, some people are wondering why I’m spending so much time there and not on my blog. I’m having a tough time answering that, other than it’s easier to write when someone asks a question and it’s just hanging out there to answer. Plus, there’s the interplay of other people’s answers, the voting, the commenting, etc that I just wouldn’t get here.

It HAS become my main blogging place.

Lots of you are signing up as well, I’ve gotten more than 14,000 followers, most in the past three weeks.

Of course I don’t need to worry about monetizing my blog. If I did worry about that, then I guess I would feel more impelled to spend time here, rather than there.

Keep in mind my first reaction to Quora was to ignore it and try to keep using other tools, like Twitter or Google Buzz. That was back in July, how times change!

The cartoon above? Just seemed to fit this blog post. It was done by Hugh Macleod for Rackspace in a post titled “not everybody’s cut out for ‘normal.'”

Here’s some of my favorite questions that I’ve given answers to:

Is having a blog useful in 2011? Why?

Is Robert Scoble an investor in Quora (And does he get compensated by Quora)?

What platform should I choose to develop? (Android/iOS)

Why does Apple gets more media coverage than any other companies?

What are the coolest things from the 2011 CES?

If RSS is dead, what’s next?

Will Google figure out social?

What events in 2011 have the most potential to be the introduction ground for transformative and disruptive technologies?

Got any advice for startups launching at SXSW 2011?

What do users want on a location based app?

What apps should every journalist have on their iPhone?

Should I move my Rails app from Heroku to Rackspace? If so, why?

How will Xbox Kinect evolve gesture based interfaces?

What are the must-have iPad apps? Why?

What are the must-have iPhone apps? Why?

How would you make Path better than Instagram?

What do you like about Cinch?

Why does Twitter enjoy such success in comparison to FriendFeed, Plurk, Buzz or any of the others?

Why haven’t list features on Facebook and/or Twitter caught on?

Does it frustrate employees at Google / Yahoo / Microsoft / Facebook that they can’t genuinely speak up on the Internet and are compelled to do so anonymously (self-censorship), in most cases?

How do TechCrunch, Mashable, RWW and other influential tech blogs get their news/sources? And how much do they reward/pay their sources, if any?

What are the best sources for original tech news?

How do companies apply social media to customer service?

How do I get blogs to post about my startup?

What are some tips for getting your startup featured on TechCrunch, Mashable, and other tech blogs?

Is the “Scoble Effect” on startups real or imaginary?

What is the key to achieve success as a startup outside the Valley?

Who are the most influential people in the Valley?

Which Quora users have the most followers?

Why is Quora better than Facebook Questions or Linkedin Answers?

Will Quora suffer from the chat room/forum problem?

For an amateur concert photographer, which DSLR is recommended?

If I’m not happy with life, should I commit suicide?

Besides developing Building43 and hunting down new exciting web-startups, what do you actually do at Rackspace?

How does a busy man like you find so much time to answer so many questions and be so approachable? Does your day have 72 hours?

What are some good strategies for dealing with information overload?

What is the most magical software?


5 thoughts on “Can you help with my Quora addiction? (My favorite questions)

  1. One of my questions was in that list and I appreciated you taking the time to reply. The answer was very insightful and went beyond what I was expecting. Thumbs up for Quora.


  2. I’d prefer you dual post to both your blog and Quora, perhaps on a Q&A page. That way if something does happen to Quora and it changes in a way that makes you want or have to leave, you’ll still have all that time and energy invested right smack at a url you own and control.


  3. Ok I’m definitely going to check out Quora right now. I’ve put it off but you keep raving about it, so that does it.

    You might wanna fix the link where you say: “Keep in mind my first reaction to Quora was to ignore it.” It’s not working too well.

    While I’m here complaining about stuff, I might add that if you’re going to be promoting RackSpace hosting around here, you might get them to boost the bandwidth a tad. This site loads slow for a simple WordPress blog.


  4. Quora is definitely a quality site. I like the fact that I can put an answer on there and, a month or so later, up pops another question on the subject due to the fact that someone has just picked up the thread and added a little quality of their own.


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