Crack for technical recruiters: best StackOverflow users Twitter accounts handed over

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Want to stay up to date on technology? Blogged: Twitter accounts for all #stackoverflow users sorted by reputation than a minute ago via web

People wonder why I follow so many people on Twitter. It’s for the small stuff that never would get into Techcrunch or Techmeme. Like this tweet by Brian Bondy yesterday. It would be easy to miss, except I know all my favorite programmer friends love StackOverflow (and its associated sites) the way I love Quora.

So when Brian made a series of Twitter lists of their best users I paid attention. Yes, I followed every single one of the people on these lists. They are crack for technical recruiters. Reads like a who’s who of programmers. After all, you don’t get reputation on Stack Overflow unless you can actually answer technical questions and have other people verify you are right most of the time.

In previous years it would take years to make a list of 500 programmers in the tech industry who have great reputations. Now? It took me less than 30 minutes to follow them all (you might not be able to, because Twitter limits most people to following fewer than 1,000 people in a day (actually that just caught me) and following fewer than 2,000 people total unless you also have 2,000 followers. But you can always follow Brian’s lists and just go through one-by-one.

What could you do with them? Look them up in Gist. See if they also are on LinkedIn, etc.

If I were a recruiter looking for programming talent, this would be the list I’d work on for the first month of 2011. It’s crack.

And, yes, I did send this list to the folks at Rackspace because we’re hiring.