Latest social media trend? Show your history (first look at Memolane’s new features)

I’ve always been bugged that I couldn’t look back in time. After all, last week I celebrated my 10th year blogging (I first blogged December 15, 2000) but looking back isn’t all that easy.

It’s even worse today because we’re spreading our behavior over so many different sites. Heck, I tweet. I Flickr. I YouTube. I WordPress. I Tumble. I Google. I TripIt. And on and on and on.

Today two services added new history features: Memolane and Foursquare (Foursquare mostly added new photo and comment features, but they also now let you look back in time, I don’t remember being able to do that before).

Memolane, though, takes the cake. Here, look back at my timeline on Memolane. You’ll see photos, checkins, tweets, status messages. Even TripIt airport checkins. All in a unique timeline and you can look back pretty far.

Unfortunately only the last 3,000 tweets or so (I’ve done 48,000 in four years since joining Twitter) are on the timeline. Also, only the last 50 blog posts, or so, are there (RSS only lets you put a few into the system). Flickr, though, goes all the way back to when I started using that service.

Over on Foursquare I can look back at my history (unfortunately, unlike with Memolane, I can’t make this public, friends can only see the last few checkins. I do add everyone who asks if you want to check those out). From now on it’ll show photos from Instagram, Foodspotting, and PicPlz. Great stuff and brings that service up to par with Whrrl and Gowalla, which had that capability for most of the year.

Oh, and last week I sat down with Memolane’s CEO, Eric Lagier, to get an exclusive first look at that service. You can sign onto it too by using the code “scobleizer.”

Memolane just made an account to go back and search YouTube. Here’s all my videos. This is really cool. Thanks Memolane for showing me all my memories!


7 thoughts on “Latest social media trend? Show your history (first look at Memolane’s new features)

  1. What’s not possible these days? It’s like having ‘Back to the Future’ on the Social Web. Awesome. Now, I can time travel in the comforts of my home. Thanks for sharing this news about Memolane.


  2. One of the biggest holes that services like Memolanes and Backupify have not filled is the lack of context.

    It’s great to have lots and lots of data that dates back to the beginning of time but if you haven’t captured everything surrounding it (conversations on Twitter/Facebook), event information (and the tags from Flickr) or the people/venues involved (like checkins on FourSquare) you really can’t get the whole picture.

    While tt’s nice to be able to look back at 2000 as you posted it, wouldn’t it be great in 2020 to see who else was at that event where someone snapped a picture of you with the next Bill Gates?


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