The company behind mobile features in Mashable’s apps (amongst thousands of others)

How does Mashable, or Tapulous, or other companies add notifications into their mobile apps? How do they add in-app purchases? They hire Urban Airship!

Here CEO Scott Kveton talks to me about what he’s seeing happen in the mobile world and how mobile app developers are increasing engagement and monetization.


6 thoughts on “The company behind mobile features in Mashable’s apps (amongst thousands of others)

  1. It is an excellent video and Scott had spoken exactly to the questions asked. The pop up on his mobile was a brilliant app, especially the Harry Potter app was amazing. I guess the interview was conducted by Robert and he has done a great job, coming up with very good questions…Nice job. Good knowledge sharing. I never knew Mashable were into Mobile Apps before watching this video.
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  2. So UrbanAirship is a consultant firm, not a mobile development company. Robert, if you remember part of the perks of going to Google I/O 2010 was that all the participants were sent beta passes to Google’s new advertising platform for mobile.

    One thing consultants are going to have to start considering is Google TV apps.

    Apple is also coming out with a PC based app store, as did Google, so as much as people are focusing on iPad and the mobile app store, the idea has already spread to every device.


  3. As one of his customers I can tell you… THESE GUYS PRODUCTS ROCK!!! I started with their frameworks shortly after they started up. Scott used to be the CEO of a Tulsa startup called Vidoop (little bit of trivia there…). And, when they say they’re customer focused that’s an understatement. They treat us like gold and in turn we rave on about them. If you’re developing something that requires in-app messaging or in-app purchase… Do yourself a favor and DON’T drive yourself nuts just getting it to kinda-sorta work taking weeks and weeks of dev time only to be rejected by the mothership. Drop in their frameworks and enjoy all the bennies you wanted + many you’d never think to write yourself. Not sure how you came to be with Scott (at your house?) but a fine interview. Have any TapJoy or AdMob on your immediate radar?


    1. I interviewed AdMob when they first came on the market. Now that they are at Google they are harder to interview (too much PR interference). I’ll put TapJoy on my list. Thanks!


      1. Might put that power generator company on your list too! 🙂 Stay safe & comfy.

        Come to think of it… The PhoneGap guys would be a slick to add to your list too (if you’re going to continue the focus on mobile apps/dev which I VERY much hope you do).


  4. excellent interview. Good to see the guys behind great functionality. In terms of content publishing the Mashable iPhone app is definitely the best out there at the moment.


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