The company behind mobile features in Mashable’s apps (amongst thousands of others)

How does Mashable, or Tapulous, or other companies add notifications into their mobile apps? How do they add in-app purchases? They hire Urban Airship!

Here CEO Scott Kveton talks to me about what he’s seeing happen in the mobile world and how mobile app developers are increasing engagement and monetization.


New version of Flipboard not the one I’m waiting for (but it’s quite nice anyway)

Tonight, just now, a new version of Flipboard is shipping on the iPad (the update should be available any minute). It adds all sorts of cool stuff including Google Reader and Flickr support. Here’s the reports about the new features on Techcrunch, on the Next Web, on AllThingsD, and on RWW.

But it’s not the version I’m waiting for.

What version is that? The one that will filter through all of these social networks and use the technology they purchased when they acquired the Ellerdale Project to really find the good stuff out of the thousands of items that are aimed at me every day.

Yeah, I can hear Louis Gray telling me to just use My6Sense. That’s fine, but they don’t have a really great paginator like Flipboard does.

So, what does this new version of Flipboard do? Sets the stage for a really interesting new release early next year that will have the new filtering technology built in.

For a hint as to what I’m hoping for, watch my videos on DataSift or

Video with DataSift’s founder.
Video with’s founder.

Now, imagine that some of those features are applied to Flipboard’s cool paginator. That’s when this will really be useful for a lot more than it is today.

So, what’s good about tonight’s new version? Deep integration with Google Reader. Uses all the APIs of that service to let you comment and share items, among other things.

Also, look at Flickr photos in Flipboard (mine are at ) — they sure do look glorious on the new version.

You can get the new version here.