Loved startup: TeamSnap helps people manage sports and other teams

One reason I watch Twitter so closely is to see which companies are loved. TeamSnap is one that kept showing up here and there. They have 30,000 sports teams already using it to manage their teams (after only being out a year-and-a-half).

Here Dave DuPont, CEO, came to my house to talk about why his company is so loved.

Some things? Attitude.

Funky sports. Focus on customers. Non-corporate speak.

Hey, startups, or, really, anyone, want to see how to do it? Watch this video.

I’m very proud that they are hosted on Rackspace, too. Matches our focus on customers.


4 thoughts on “Loved startup: TeamSnap helps people manage sports and other teams

  1. Robert,

    Wow. You know how to pick them! I truly enjoyed this interview and listening to Dave speak about TeamSnap. A great and much needed platform – As a community manager and a “softball/baseball” Mom, this is the answer for so many parents who dedicate an endless amount of volunteer hours – but also with a special dose of cool! I know of one league that is in desperate need of community organization and I will be in touch with Mr. DuPont.


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