The story behind Storify, new real-time curation service

You’re seeing more and more Storify links around the web. The Washington Post has used it. So have many other journalists and curators.

Why do we need Storify? Because more and more of our lives and the news events we care about are being covered on Twitter, Facebook, or other new media services.

In fact, on Friday when the founders came to my house to film this video my producer, Rocky Barbanica, called me and said he couldn’t get to my house because of an accident. I went to Yahoo News. Nothing. I went to Google News. Nothing. I did a search on Google, hoping maybe some real-time info showed up there. Nothing. But then I went to Twitter Search, typed “Devil’s Slide” and five tweets popped up saying that both lanes of highway one were closed, due to an injury accident. More and more we’re finding the best and latest info about news is on social networks and, especially, Twitter.

So, if I worked for the local newspaper and wanted to put a bundle of those tweets up on our front page, how would I do it? There are a variety of new curation services and, even, URL shortener has added bundling capabilities in the past week. The others that I’m trying are (I’ll have more coverage of them soon, because they are working on a major update), KeepStream, and Bag the Web. I covered the others here.

Here I interview the co-founders of Storify because I’m seeing more of their links being used than the others and wanted to, well, get the inside story. Enjoy!


7 thoughts on “The story behind Storify, new real-time curation service

  1. I would worry about a website using the domain “by” if that is Belarus — it’s a dictatorship and closes websites down on a whim.

    I was at first excited by the idea of but then saw it had the usual closed beta with the usual friends of the devs populating everything and shaping it all first before the rest of us mortals come and the shine wore off instantly.


    1. Hi Prokofy,

      i’m not sure i understand what you are talking about? We have been in closed beta for 12 weeks and we invited over 2,500 users. Pretty much everyone who requested an invite got one.

      I’m also pretty sure that i don’t have that many friends 🙂

      Our registration is open now. Feel free to join and let me know your feedback:


  2. What value is in curating that? If you are a local paper and want to say “these are the most important reports from the scene.” No one news organization has all the information on a story.


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