Find a trail with “Yelp” of outdoors

Are you an outdoors type? I like going for hikes with my family and, even around my house in Half Moon Bay, there are dozens of trails that I haven’t yet tried. How do you find them? Well, AllTrails, a new startup, has an answer.

I sat down with the founder, Russell Cook, and he gave me a demo of this iPhone-only app (more platforms coming soon). It lets you rate trails and campsites and share your favorites with your friends.

There are some other choices, too, like Goby or Everytrail, but I’m liking the approach of AllTrails, what do you think? The service has some 27,000 registered users so far who have logged over 94,000 miles with the mobile app in limited testing.

By the way, this is one of the companies that recently launched at the AngelPad accelerator in San Francisco. Techcrunch covered their demo day, but I have videos of each of the companies that I’ll be running this week.


4 thoughts on “Find a trail with “Yelp” of outdoors

  1. AllTrails needs to add two features already in Everytrail- the World Map to find trails quite easily, and the ability of upload and download GPS tracks. Downloaded GPS tracks can be used to guide people with GPS devices on the trails. Trail junctions are sometimes unmarked. Contribute to trail knowledge by uploading GPS tracks for others to use.

    AllTrails also better hurry up with those other platforms, since its trail finder seems pretty bare compared to Everytrail.

    One thing about using, even an iPhone 4 as a trail GPS device, its GPS accuracy and reception is not as good compared, even to a pretty cheap Garmin eTrex, one that has a high-sensitivity GPS receiver though. The eTrex, being highly water resistant is a plus.


  2. I think Everytrail is superior. It’s been my choice and I can’t go out on a mountain bike ride without it anymore. I use the android version. Very intuitive UI, they have a large community of users and trails, and even professional guided tours you can download. They’ve been at it for a while which is probably why their app is so reliable/accurate, simple to use, and has a lot of good content.


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