Video look: Make your Facebook pages better with Appbistro’s app store

You might not realize that I have two separate ways to interact with you on Facebook. The first is my Facebook Profile Page, which everyone on Facebook has. That’s at The problem is that I’m limited to 5,000 friends there and I’ve only been adding people I know.

The other way is to use a Facebook Public Page. Mine is at With these you can have unlimited numbers of contacts. These are the pages that brands and celebrities use to interact with fans and large audiences.

The problem is, it’s very easy to add widgets and new streams to your Profile page, but for brands and others who want to have a public Facebook page, it’s very difficult. Even getting YouTube videos onto those pages are more difficult than Profiles. Plus, apps that were made for Profiles often can’t be used on Public Pages.

Until now I was at a disadvantage when compared to brands that had large teams of Web developers who could spend the time getting things to work. What changed? Appbistro shipped.

What is Appbistro? It’s an app store with tons of apps designed for Facebook’s Public Pages.

I recently visited the team in its San Francisco office and here’s the video where we discover it together. You’ll see some of the most useful apps that you should add onto your Facebook Page. I’m looking through them today and have already added a YouTube app to my page.


3 thoughts on “Video look: Make your Facebook pages better with Appbistro’s app store

  1. I been developing Facebook apps for AppBistro since they launched and was pretty excited to hear about this whole “Facebook app marketplace”…think Ryan and Nalin are doing a good job trying to be innovation. Check out all my facebook apps:


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