First look: Meebo channels Foursquare with web-wide checkin

You might have heard about Meebo. 180 million people use their instant messaging service. So, when they do something it should be taken seriously. Tonight is one of those times.

They took the “check in” feature of Foursquare and applied it to the web.

So, using their new service you’ll be able to check into my blog. What will that do? It will tell your friends on Meebo about my blog. Just like checking into a restaurant tells your friends on Foursquare about the restaurant you’re going to.

Why is that important? Because, as CEO Seth Sternberg explains in the video I did with him on Friday, you can find other people interested in the same things you are.

Here’s an example. Only people interested in tech will check in here. So, using the new Meebo functionality you can see who else has checked in on my blog. Then you can look where else those people have checked in. You’ll probably find lots of other sites that are also interesting to tech people. I, for instance, will check in on things like Hacker News and Techmeme, among other tech bloggers.

But, I also will check in on my favorite BBQ restaurants. So, if you’re looking for good BBQ, you can use Meebo to see other BBQ sites.

Hopefully soon, if this takes off, we’ll be able to find lots of commonalities.

It’ll be interesting to compare this to Facebook’s likes, too, although Seth talks about them in the video and says that Facebook’s likes are great for brand, but not for specific web pages, especially if the publishers haven’t added Facebook like buttons to their sites yet.

Anyway, what do you think? It should be available Tuesday on the Meebo site here.

UPDATE: Techcrunch has more on the Meebo Minibar. So does GigaOm. So does VentureBeat.

11 thoughts on “First look: Meebo channels Foursquare with web-wide checkin

  1. I think it will be ineteresting to see how middleman services like these that are built upon spying on their users will fare in 2011 when middleman and spying free distributed social communication tools like Comunicado are released.

    Mebo may be growing rapidly whilst there is a void in messaging privacy, but that will change next year with the launch of distributed messaging.

    So I guess the real question is, will the 185 million people using their serrvice now, remain loyal when they suddenly have the choice of using alternatives that guarantee no spying, monitoring or collection of any data whatsoever?


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