First look: Twezr, really great social contacts for iPhone

You’ve never seen a contact list like Twezr, a free iPhone app that launched tonight.

This one shows a list of your friends or business contacts, just like contacts usually do.

But this one shows you whether those contacts have emailed you. Or if they’ve sent you a Facebook message. Or if they’ve DM’d you on Twitter.

This totally transforms your contact list and makes it a lot more useful.

Here, read what the Next Web has to say about it.

I interviewed the CEO, Delip Andra, about what Twezr is and how it works. I find it to be a great new example of how apps are starting to add value by connecting other services together. Really great, and is real innovation to contacts.

Yes, it’s only for iPhone right now, but a similar system is out for Android from Aro Mobile. I have a video of that, too, here:

So, why are these new mobile contact managers so important? Because it’s so hard to see everything someone sends you. Lots of people switch between sending me Facebook messages, for instance, and emails.

What does it do?

It shows you a list of your friends, but they are arranged by who has sent you recent messages. It shows you whether there’s email, DMs on Twitter, or Facebook messages. It also lets you search through all of those.

Finally, it doesn’t ignore SMS or phone numbers. Shows you everything in a unified contact list. Really great.

What do you think?

UPDATE: One major argument against using these kinds of services is that you need to put your Gmail, Twitter, and Facebook user names and passwords into it. That’s nasty. Why not use oAuth? But we did cover that in the video a bit.


15 thoughts on “First look: Twezr, really great social contacts for iPhone

      1. I have to ask – does it actually work for the number of contacts I imagine it has to import for you? I have a decent number of contacts, both in my phone, on Twitter and on Facebook, and it just spins its wheels forever. I’m still not actually sure what happens other than showing people’s names and maybe their email or something…

        I also get a message about my network connection and how I have “low connectivity” even though I have full 3G. Same when on Wifi.


  1. Robert – Thank you very much for taking the trouble to come and meet an unknown start up inspite of a super busy schedule you had that day. Appreciate it a lot.

    BTW …our Facebook integration is oAuth and Twitter integration is xAuth based. We still haven’t found a clean way to make oAuth happen for Google on iPhone … We’ll see if we can come up with a neat way. Thanks for the feedback.


  2. Good review. This integration is becoming more important. Too many apps to check too many streams. Def. giving both a try on the respective devices. I thinkTwezr on iPad will be sweet. Downloading it now.


    1. This app is WHOLY focused on contacts and displays those who have sent you something on Facebook or Twitter or email. Have you compared the two? This is why I do video so you can SEE the difference.


      1. Thanks Robert. This is why I watch these videos. For some reason when I first saw this video it was terminated around 6-7 minutes in, so I thought that was it.

        I promise to download the app, try it for awhile and return with my comparison.



  3. Disclaimer: I am one of the founders of Inbox2

    Cool idea but quite late to the game. There is a reason why we (at Inbox2) and I guess also our competitors at Threadsy and the likes are not launching an iPhone app: the business side of things is simply not that interesting. Also scaling this (especially the email part) is hard. We have solved it, but decided it was not the right business plan to execute on and have moved to better things and more urgent problems that need solving in that space.

    Good luck to you guys tho!


  4. So it took forever to start up and now it’s telling me my “top” people are people that I *NEVER* speak to. I mean, we do indeed have a Facebook friendship…but I don’t think we’ve even gone beyond that online.

    Once it finally started up (it seriously took more than an hour), there’s nothing there, either. Nobody has a picture, all the names are in a seemingly random order, and there’s no content. I’m obviously missing something here.


  5. I think this does offer more value than just another social media tool. For those of us whose jobs are based on relationships and relationship building – this brings the functionality of the Outlook social connectors to our mobile device.


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