This iPhone app is for wine lovers

SocialGrapes' T-shirt and slogan

Yesterday I went to the SF Vitners Market, which was a large event with about 100 wineries. I’m enjoying learning about wine, and while there I met up with the team from, which just released a new version of its iPhone app that turns finding wine into a social experience. I’m quite enjoying the app. It uses the scanning technology from RedLaser to let you scan the barcode of the bottle of wine you’re considering buying and see what your friends have said about it. You can follow me here, although I just started using it.

While there I met Christine Hinkley Trice, who has built a Facebook community with 110,000 members for mothers who want to drink wine. She’s using the app and praises it. Her community has embedded the SocialGrapes’ app into it, so she can share her finds with her community there.

After talking with Christine, I talk with founder Marc Gascon who tells me what they are trying to do with SocialGrapes.

Anyway, some of you are into wine, or are looking for wine for Thanskgiving or holiday parties and this is a great way to learn more.


Behind the badge system TheNextWeb uses (plus, they get funded!)

Badgeville is a badge system for web publishers. What the heck is that? Well, it’s a way for publishers, like, to reward their users for participating on their site. Here I learn more about the gamification system they are building and understand how they are looking to help web publishers get more engagement in their communities.

They also just announced a $2.5 million series A funding round. Shows investors are pretty excited about these kinds of gamification systems and what they can do to help publishers get more participation, and engagement from their audiences. Which, of course, will help publishers get more advertising dollars.

The perfect Thanksgiving meal online?

OK, I know I have readers all around the world, but this one is for those who live in the United States.

On Thursday we’re having our Thanksgiving. It’s my favorite holiday because, well, it gives me a chance to cook!

Today Maryam and I are looking around for what we should make.

Last night, while at the best restaurant in Half Moon Bay, Cetrella, I asked the head chef what he’d make. Sounds yummy.

But that got me thinking. What are the best places online to find Thanksgiving recipes? So far I like Epicurious, FoodNetwork, and All Recipes the best.

How about you? Care to share your best recipes? Got any outstanding ones that are easy enough for a geek to make?