Video look at three tourist helpers

We’re often tourists. You know, looking for a new place to visit.

Sometimes we’re looking for a new attraction to visit.

Sometimes we’re looking for a new place to eat.

Sometimes we’re looking to take a new road trip.

Here’s three apps you should try to be a better tourist.

1. MyCityWay. Has a series of apps that show you a ton of stuff about many cities. Here’s a video where the founder shows you NYCWay.
2. Zagat. The world’s best travel guides now has mobile apps on several platforms. Here co-founder Nina Zagat and head of mobile, Brian Charles, show you around.
3. TripTrace. This is a new startup that helps you plan your travel. Gives you “books” where you can clip, budget, schedule, and capture your trip. CEO Michael Rubin introduces his new company and service to you.

MyCityWay mobile travel guides to cities:

Zagat’s mobile restaurant guides:

TripTrace Video:


2 thoughts on “Video look at three tourist helpers

  1. It used to be we just had the internet. we could look at the lonely planet site or go into a bookshop and buy a guidebook. The mobile world brings us new options. Zagat and Foursquare or Gowalla brings allow us to information and commentary.

    I read this Henry Miller qoute on humans need to capture information. I think that one might work both ways I think we need access to information too.

    Dara Bell


  2. You should check out me360 (currently with Apple for approval) and should be launched in the Middle East in Dubai before going global. Its about creating a social graph of the real world places people like, linking people’s Facebook and Twitter accounts to share.


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