Can you become a better innovator? Olivia Fox says yes (and a video innovation)

You might not know Olivia Fox. But she works with quite a few of the world’s top executives and organizations (like Google and Stanford University) to help them get to their peak performance. To underscore that, former Ning CEO is in the background of this video, after the interview she said “I learned a lot” by listening to it.

She helps them tune up their brains and become even more innovative.

I’ve been talking with her for a while, and she says that one big thing holding back people are those nagging thoughts that you don’t deserve to be where you are. She says that’s the impostor syndrome and she says most of the students and most of the employees at Silicon Valley’s biggest tech companies have it. The problem is, she says, that it’s hard to innovate if you keep beating yourself up. In the video she explains why and gives us some other hints as to how to tune up our brains and get us ready to innovate more.

Talking about innovation, today we’re playing around with our own innovation: short and long videos. If you read this article over on Building43, you’ll see that we put up a short, two-minute video of this interview, along with a longer, 21-minute version.

I ascribe to Eric Reis’ lean startup methods, where he says to try something, test it out and measure the results.

So, which video do you like better? The short one?

Or the long one?