Twitter struggling?

Twitter has been down for more than 30 minutes now. Basically since I finished writing that last post about why we should consider Google Buzz again.

Seems that the World Cup traffic has been hammering Twitter.

I sure wish Twitter would get a handle on its scaling problems. Did no one see that an event like this would get everyone to Tweet?

UPDATE: Twitter has posted that they are having sitewide issues. Still is down, now has been down for more than an hour.

UPDATE2: as of 3:20 a.m. Pacific Time I’m able to get to Twitter again.

14 thoughts on “Twitter struggling?

  1. Do you think its because of the World Cup? We passed through 5 games in the last 2 days without any problem. And now, morning in South Africa, no games has started yet, and Twitter goes down? No, I think it's some technical issue, and not for the WC


  2. I am getting twitter whale again and again and sometimes i can enter.generally twitter has such big traffic that they should capitalize it and have enough money to handle traffic but they are too lazy and too arrogant – as you can see from the example of releasing their own twitter client and thus totally damaging 3rd party developers…


  3. Was getting an overloaded whale at 7 am PST. Separately, but Robert – is Twitter making a big mistake? It seems like the only way to see trending topics is to sign-out. Is that correct? Seems like they're missing a big opportunity to be sticky by hiding this info.


  4. Seems that Twitter wants to tell us to reconsider Google Buzz, Robert :). I think they should check that problem or else it can be part of what will bring them down one day. Just an advice from an 18 year old :).


  5. Yes Andrea, I am completely agreed with you.There can be technical faults for anybody.Nothing is perfect in this world.I do not agree with that saying that it was due to the world cup..


  6. What I'm worried about is that in 3 years Twitter still haven't solved this problem. I can understand that the traffic volumes are a million times more than 3 years ago, but also this morning we had a lot of outage time. I really hope for a really good service, such as Twitter is, to solve this asap


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