The list maker

Making lists is something lots of us bloggers do. Here, for instance, is a list of the best apps for Android.

How did that list happen? I started a list on a new service,, and then I tweeted it. Within minutes I had dozens of apps that people all over the world had entered. Now 10s of thousands of people have visited that list, and have voted up their favorite app. The list changes, indeed, gets better, over time. This is a new kind of list, one that’s interactive.

Here the CEO, Shyam Subramanyan, explains his philosphy behind these lists and where he wants to take them in the future.


One thought on “The list maker

  1. Thanks Robert for the video and the article on I believe that we are yet to see all the possibilities of human collaboration through micro-blogging (or micro-messaging) services such as Twitter and Buzz. Social lists are just one of them.


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