Lithium CEO: how game mechanics changes enterprise communities

Lithium‘s CEO, Lyle Fong, came to my house for a chat the other day. His service is being used by tons of companies to run their communities.

Now, companies have had communities for a long time. They might even be seen as boring, to take off a theme of my last post on eBay.

But why is Lithium winning?

Because they are using game mechanics to find the key influencers on a community and reward them with power. Why is this important? Well, when I was at Microsoft I learned that only a small number of people who are participating can make a HUGE difference to your community.

Listening to Lyle you’ll learn how this works to entice more people to put more content into these communities.

2 thoughts on “Lithium CEO: how game mechanics changes enterprise communities

  1. Very interesting application of game mechanics to provide motivation for a community. One of the more interesting video interviews


  2. It's great to see how Lithium is using game mechanics to drive value for their customers. And they will absolutely make their way into the enterprise. There was a book about it recently – Total Engagement. We're also providing our game mechanics/gamification platform to companies to use on their corporate intranets:


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