Congratulations to Soluto for winning Techcrunch Disrupt

When we got to Israel we heard from lots of people that Soluto was a great company and had a great approach to a sizeable market: Windows users.

I’m very happy that we got the first video interview of this company in their Tel Aviv, Israel, headquarters and congrats to Soluto for beating dozens of other companies to win Techcrunch Disrupt.

Speaking of which, Techcrunch Disrupt was a great event with much better speakers than TC 50. Congrats to that team, too, for stepping up the game quite a bit. Oh, and the wifi rocked.


8 thoughts on “Congratulations to Soluto for winning Techcrunch Disrupt

  1. Disrupt? What? 15 or so companies that do the same thing, all with better UI's, without any Web 2.0 smirk. Disruptive? Maybe 10 years ago, but with Windows 7 being dramatically better, and good crapware & malware removers, less need. XP holdouts still struggle and unlucky Vistaites scream to high heaven, but Windows 7 has quited the storms, made people like Microsoft again. And tested it, but Ultimate Troubleshooter worked better, caught far more, with more detailed explantions, sharewareish $29.95 too. Really tho, one fresh install of Windows 7 and good viruii/malware, NOD32 or Malwarebytes, and problems are pretty much toast.Shareware 1996, with a “social media”, “collective knowledge” add-in. Ok, here's 8 million. What sorta total idiot is throwing away that level of dough? And if Microsoft buys them, someone is insane.


  2. PS – Tried again, double check to make sure. Wow that was a fun 45 minute wait for the PC Genome to “find new applications”, this on a jacked-up gamerish desktop with a big pipe. Geeesh. And oh it hung on 47% twice, and now stuck at 47% on my netbook too. End frustrations? More like start them. They must not be ready, not sure I will bother again. 39 minutes and counting on my netbook….guess they are down. “This make take a couple of minutes…”, yeah yeah. Blah.


  3. I just used soluto on my 4 year old vista and 1 year old Win 7. It worked just fine. It didn't work the first time, kept analyzing (only on my vista) but ever since, worked just fine. Even with win 7, startup programs can be annoying. Soluto is quite amazing from what I've seen.


  4. Yes, if Microsoft buys them, someone is insane(ly smart). Actually, if Microsoft buys them, Ballmer must be insane. He actually did something _good_! [Yeah yeah he did a few things good, don't give me a bunch of examples, I'm just really annoyed with him.]


  5. Sorry, this makes no sense.First of all – All my Windows 7 machines start in seconds, and don't crash, so no frustrations!Second – OS starts background services and other startup software simultaneously and usually at lower I/O and CPU priority, so on multi-core system it is hard to see much impact of things start nor know that eliminating something specific will speed things up by much.Looks like 2 years 2 late, would be great on XP or even on Vista, most likely…


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