Why can Soluto do what Microsoft can’t? They get rid of Windows frustrations (exclusive first look)

This video is reposted from Rackspace’s building43 site.

When we visited Israel a few weeks ago we kept running into people who would ask “have you seen Soluto yet?”

Luckily we were able to visit them in their Tel Aviv offices and get a good look.

What do they do? They get rid of frustrations on Windows through a combination of awesome technology and crowd-sourcing.

They have a bunch of products in the pipeline, but the first one being released on stage right now at Techcrunch Disrupt conference is a boot manager that gives users control over what loads into memory and dramatically speeds up boot times.

But there’s more, I’ll let you watch the video.

Oh, and remember the company I saw earlier this year, Siri, and my reaction “this will get bought within months.”

I predict the same for Soluto, Microsoft should buy this company and bring its anti-frustration approach to Windows. To understand how good their approach is you’ve gotta watch the video.

Thank you to my producer Rocky Barbanica for the nice editing on this video.


13 thoughts on “Why can Soluto do what Microsoft can’t? They get rid of Windows frustrations (exclusive first look)

  1. Ok/cancel buttons didn’t show up on the first dialog. But I got passed that by typing Enter.


  2. Oh man…. this thing just sounds awesome. We are battling this exact problem at Qualcomm. I dropped them a note and let them know that we want to check it out. Great info!


  3. Looks brilliant. Why did it take so long for this to get to market??! If Microsoft doesn't buy it, Apple should buy it, and shut it down !!!


  4. Yes, it's great, but aren't we using more and more apps in the browser / on smartphones and less on the desktop? I foresee a not too bight long-term future.


  5. Installing this now and taking a look. The installation is fairly slow on the Windows XP box. I really son't see how a high-level technical user would be willing to install this application and let it eat up resources. That said though – I think the concept does have amazing potential.


  6. Looks like cool technology for understanding Desktop threads and system resource contention. I fear potential customers would be worried about adding yet another Desktop process… Perhaps it can be used to analyze a system then removed… like a troubleshooting tool? (Does it remove cleanly from the Registry?)For Enterprise customers with mission critical applications that span multiple servers and want to monitor deeply your managed code and system resource consumption… try OPNET's Panorama product. For Data Centers you should try their ACE Live product too.


  7. Microsoft should not buy this company, this company can do what it does because its 1) independant of microsoft 2) independant of microsoft partners 3) independant of microsoft entrench VPs and execs.


  8. Why spend the extra dollars on a Mac if you pc can behave exactly like a Mac. Mac is an intel platform. Use your existing platform frustration free together with 1 billion other users


  9. I like how their information bubble for iTunes says that it is a “proprietary” application, while they don't use that word for other application descriptions. No Apple bias there, lol. Isn't every commercial app “proprietary”?


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