The future of calendaring and scheduling with the team

Want to meet with me for lunch? You can go to and find an open spot in my schedule and schedule me. I’ll get an email and will be able to accept or reject the request or suggest another time. This is really a great new way to schedule meetings and saves me a TON of time. Tungle hooks into my Google Calendar and then puts the meeting on that, which gets synched to lots of other places including my calendars on my Android-based phones, my iPhone, my iPad, Microsoft Outlook, etc.

Plus they recently added hooks into Plancast, which is where I keep a list of the industry events I’m attending.

So when the team was in town recently I wanted to meet up with them to see what they were thinking about the future of calendaring and scheduling and whether they were thinking of even more links to other information sources like they did with Plancast. We met on the lawn inside Google’s headquarters, right in front of building 43, which I found was metaphorical.

Are you interested in saving time? You should try Tungle and you should watch the video.


3 thoughts on “The future of calendaring and scheduling with the team

  1. Great, informative post about Tungle – love that they want to aggregate info to show when you're available w/o compromising privacy


  2. I could not function without Tungle, which is saying quite a bit. I haven't adopted a tool quite this quickly in a while.


  3. The function of the site is nice, but the name sounds like a romantic comedy about an overworked Web 2.0 developer looking for love.Tungle.Me. Select theatres. Check local listings.


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