Facebook quitters: is this guy your savior?

One of the most interesting conversations I’ve had about the open social web lately is with Laurent Eschenauer, arcitect on OneSocialWeb.

We have a long conversation about why you want to help build a federated open social network.

Is he your savior?

Based on conversations people are having over on Google Buzz about this video, yes.


3 thoughts on “Facebook quitters: is this guy your savior?

  1. XMPP wizardry with one social web. Would be nice to see more web and feed integration (reading up more on one social web is on my growing list), the separation from native web made wave very vulnerable (another xmpp based protocol).Good stuff chief. Look forward to understanding how you balance all this coverage, conferencing with personal life. Living the dream 🙂


  2. The notion that we could have one unique point of contact for each other and the web just *knows* where to point that inquiry to is very interesting. The platform you use should be irreverent to the person wishing to contact you


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