Yo @chrisbrogan you’re doing Twitter wrong

It started as a little joke that I said on stage at the BlogWorld Expo. One of my fellow panelists said she didn’t like people who told other people that they were doing Twitter wrong. So, of course, I blurted out “Chris Brogan is doing Twitter wrong.” Mostly as a joke, but partly because, well, I think he’s doing Twitter wrong. More on why in a moment.

Of course Chris heard about it and he got back at me on stage at the Web 2.0 Expo by pointing out that he is doing Twitter right. That’s why his video is embedded on this post.

How did I find Brogan’s video about serendipity? Well, I often read my Tech News Brands list. I saw a link there to David Armano’s blog, which pointed out what a great speech this was.

Oh, I do love finding good stuff in my lists.

Speaking of good stuff, you gotta watch Baratunde Thurston’s speech, titled “there’s a hashtag for that.”

So, that’s off topic. Why don’t I like how Chris Brogan does Twitter?

Because I can’t find his good blogs and videos. Why? Because he does so many conversations. Look at his Twitter home page. All you see is @replies. This is what makes Brogan Brogan, because he’s going to answer you no matter how popular he gets. But, that means I can’t find the good stuff he publishes.

I wish he’d do a separate feed of just his blog posts and well-thought out things.

Actually it was that realization that made me open up two new Twitter accounts: scobleblog is a feed of just my blog posts and scoblemedia is a feed of just my videos and podcasts I’m on.

So, Brogan, can you do the same thing? Give me JUST YOU in one feed and all your conversations in another (I do like that too).

Oh, I should admit that I stole this idea from Guy Kawasaki. He does Twitter wrong too, but that’s a different post. 🙂