iPhone app shootout Thursday

This started out as a photowalk. Meet at a pumpkin place in Half Moon Bay. Shoot some pictures. Have some fun. Eat some pumpkin pie. Thomas Hawk and I did that a couple of years ago and it was most fun.

But now times are different. We all have a camera in our pockets. For a good number of geeks it’s an iPhone.

I’m inspired by professional photographer Chase Jarvis who last week released the hottest iPhone app for photos out there. He calls it “the Best Camera” because the best camera you have is the one you have with you.

Mix that with a recent dinner I had with Steve Rubel where he showed me a ton of cool iPhone apps on his iPhone. Ones I never heard of or considered using. Because the iPhone has 60,000 apps on it finding new ones that you’ve never heard of is a pretty easy thing. And hearing about them from your friends is the best way to find new apps. I find that if I hear about an app from a friend I’m about 100x more likely to use it and keep using it. Peer pressure is strong!

So, why don’t we mix these two experiences together?

That’s what we’re doing Thursday afternoon. We’re meeting at Pastorino Farms (Google Map) in Half Moon Bay at 4 p.m. to just after sunset (around 7 p.m.) Two kinds of people are welcome: iPhone enthusiasts and photographers (any kind of photographer). If you can’t find us, call my cell phone at +1-425-205-1921.

Who will be there? Chase Jarvis will be there. I’ll be there. Who else? I’m working on some other big names from the iPhone and photography worlds. Fred Davis, cofounder of Wired Magazine will be there, for instance. It’s free. I’ll bring my favorite app and I’ll even have the cool appsfire working by then so you can see what other famous geeks are using on their iPhones (and see reviews and such).

See you there!

By the way, that photo is one I made yesterday with Chase Jarvis’ iPhone app. The other photos I made with my iPhone and his app are here.