We lost a great developer…

Sanaz Ahari just sent me a Facebook message that Steve Rider has passed away, he died from pre-leukemia on June 5. He was diagnosed just a year ago. I interviewed him back when I was a Microsoft employee and he was doing incredible work, both back then and then at iLike.com. He was one of the most innovative people I met at Microsoft and was behind early live.com efforts.

Add to last weekend’s tragic death of Rajeev Motwani, who was one of the early people involved in Google and a well respected Stanford Professor, and it just makes me sad.

Today my work is dedicated to both of them. They both improved my life with their work, I wish I could come up to that bar that they’ve set with their all-to-young lives.


20 thoughts on “We lost a great developer…

  1. Gosh! I am so sorry to hear that. Know what Robert! I believe that when things change, some better things take their place. But, that doesn't mean we can't cry on our past. I will miss him.


  2. I went to college with Steve. He was a great guy and a talented programmer. He will be missed!


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