First look: FanSnap makes buying event tickets easy

You want to get tickets to the cool concert coming to town, or to Friday’s baseball game. How do you do it? Most of us head off to some ticket site, probably owned by Ticketmaster, and hope we win the lottery and get good seats.

FanSnap has a better idea. They show you in the stadium where you’ll be sitting and show you how much each seating area costs.

Here Mike Janes, CEO, introduces me to his company. He’s a smart guy, too, was the first manager of Apple’s online store, so his thoughts on online retailing are ones worth listening to.

UPDATE: TechCrunch writes that it’s the new Kayak of event searches.


A better way to sell stuff on eBay or Amazon

My ex-wife is an eBay Power Seller. She sells jewelry among other things. But for the past year she has been complaining about eBay, because they have made life very difficult for sellers. I kept looking for an answer for her and I’ve found one with Vendio.

They help you build a store online on the web and then they push your items over to eBay and Amazon. This is a MUCH better approach long term for people who want to build permanent stores, like my ex-wife does.

This way you are in control, not Amazon or eBay. Here I meet with executive team at Vendio and get a demo of how it works.

Protect your online life after death

You probably have a will to protect your assets. Things like bank accounts. Houses. Cars. Kids. If you don’t, you should.

But what happens to your online life? Who gets the ability to tell your friends about your funeral on Facebook? Who gets access to Flickr to download all your photos? Who owns your URLs (some URLs are worth millions, so they should be protected the same way your house is with a will, but most people haven’t thought about it).

Well, Jeremy Toeman wondered why he couldn’t protect his online life the way he could protect his bank account so he built a new company: Legacy Locker.

Here he explains how the site works. In Part II he gets even more in depth.

It costs money, but so does doing a will. Now that more and more of our life is online this is a useful service and one you should consider.