What are the best headphones for use with Skype?

Tonight I was invited onto Peter Himmelman’s very cool Tuesday night jam session. He calls it his “Furious World.” He’s a musician and damn that show is fun. Anyway, my old headset didn’t work anymore and since I’m on so many podcasts I went to the local computer shop to get a new headset. I wasn’t prepared for the dozens of choices. Logitech. Plantronics. Sennheiser.

I needed one desperately so got the nicest looking set I could find, the Sennheiser PC 166. I paid about $95, list price is $150 (there are plenty of good headsets for far less than that, but I wanted a nice set for playing games and music while everyone else watches TV too).

Anyway, since I was forced into buying quickly, I wonder what your favorite headsets are?

Oh, and next Tuesday night you should check out what Peter’s doing with his friends. It’s the most innovative live video I’ve watched so far online (he mixes in geek talk in between jamming and fooling around with his friends/band/music).


This blog is dead! ORLY?

I see a few people are talking about the death of A-list blogging. Including my blog in that as evidence.

Actually you’ll see me blogging more and social networking less. Why? Cause I’m starting to have longer thoughts again. Might have something to do with not being able to drink Diet Coke anymore due to my kidney disease.

I can’t wait for Dan Lyons to predict the death of Facebook or Twitter because I’m blogging again.

Anyway, I think Twitter is blogging. When I go back and look at my blog back in 2004, for instance, it looks a whole lot like Twitter. Short item with a link. So some of that content behavior has moved elsewhere. Big whoop.

But now that I’ve done 18,000 tweets I find I’m getting bored there and want to play around with longer blog posts again. Mostly because I find I’m having something to say.

Welcome back to the dead. 🙂