TechFuga makes it clear TechMeme is not innovating

OK, OK, I’m back to my blog thanks to popular demand. 🙂

One new service came up this morning that caught my eye: TechFuga.

As Louis Gray says, it’s like TechMeme and AllTop had a baby.

Now, whether or not you think this will prove successful (the jury is out, especially since TechMeme’s traffic has flatlined the past year) this points to something else: TechMeme hasn’t innovated and that lack of innovation is opening the door to competitors.

How has it not innovated? TechMeme has not acknowledged that there is something interesting going on elsewhere. That people are using other aggregators, like Reddit and Digg, along with other social networks, like Twitter and friendfeed, to get their news.

Now that we see a service that, while imperfect, demonstrates what new features look like, we see that TechMeme has stalled.

Gabe Rivera (he’s the founder of TechMeme), are you going to answer this, or are you going to keep on the flat track saying that only “high end articles and blogs” matter?


Amazon Web Services from the view of a customer

One of the hottest trends this year was the move to cloud services. Especially Amazon’s S3 Web services.

Now the big guns have all started aiming at Amazon. Rackspace. Google. Microsoft. With more battles expected from Sun Microsystems, Adobe, Oracle, and others.

They all want a piece of this pie, so I asked Syncplicity‘s CEO, Leonard Chung, about why he’s using Amazon’s services and what would get him to switch to the others. Listen along.

I filmed two videos with Leonard. The one embedded here, and this one where he demos his company’s service to me. Really interesting way to sync up all sorts of files with a bunch of online services like Zoho and Google’s Docs and Spreadsheets.

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