See a hard drive being made

It’s not every day you get access to a plant in China that makes something inside your computer or game console or car. A few weeks back we visited Seagate’s Wuxi plant which makes more than a million hard drives every week. Employs more than 10,000 people.

Seagate has been my partner for several years now and sponsors my show, which is why I was the first American blogger to get access to this plant. Obviously I appreciate everything Seagate does for me and social media (they are playing around with FriendFeed and Facebook, their FriendFeed room is here).

This is also my 100th video. Thanks to Rocky Barbanica for his role in producing and editing these videos. Greatly appreciate that too.

Seagate is a dream client. They rarely ask me to do anything. They’ve never forced me to put interruptive advertising up or asked for anything that was anti community or viewer. That’s HUGE in this world and I hope that they continue to drive down the price of storage the way they have for about 30 years.

Thanks and hope you enjoy getting this look inside the factory in Wuxi, China.