Who has the coolest iPhone photo sharing app?

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One reason why I leave my cell phone and email on my blog (they are +1-425-205-1921 and scobleizer@gmail.com) and hold meetups that are open to everyone is so I can meet cool people I would never have gotten to know otherwise. Tonight I met a DJ, Richard Savill, who works out of London, England. Not a geek, particularly. Not someone who shows up on Twitter or FriendFeed. But he wanted to see what a Photowalk was like, so I said “let’s go out and shoot London.”

He ended up giving me a great demo of a very cool iPhone app called Snap My Life.

It is nicer to use than Flickr on the iPhone. But what caught my ear? His excitement in talking about what it’s done for him. He also tells you how he found the app, which is always interesting for other startups who are trying to get adoption.

Startups: do you have customers like this who are rabid advocates of your service? Why haven’t you done a video of them like the one I did with Richard? Or, better yet, I’d love to hear from them.

I made this video as we were walking down Edgware Road in London. Later he showed me the app and showed me that his pictures automatically were tagged with location so his followers can see where we were taking pictures. Pretty cool and nice, simple, interface.

Have you seen a better iPhone app for photo sharing?

You can see Richard’s photos on his Snap My Life site.

I wonder what Ben McConnell or Jackie Huba would think of Richard? They wrote a book titled “Creating Customer Evangelists” and that’s exactly what Snap My Life did here. Congrats to them!