Half an hour of mobile goodness

Last Friday I had Sumit Agarwal, product manager on Google’s mobile team on my show, which is about how the Internet is changing work, WorkFastTV. Damn, that guy knows his mobile!

In half an hour we run through dozens of things you can do with your cell phone. This is my favorite WorkFast show so far, because I learned a ton of stuff that I could do with my cell phone that I didn’t know about. How many of these things are you using?

We didn’t just talk about Google stuff, either. What else do you do with your cell phone that we didn’t talk about?


Anti-depression thinking: what do we do?

I’m watching the economic news this morning flow through FriendFeed and I can feel the fear. The depression. Apple is down 14%. Startups won’t get funded. Etc. Etc. It’s all there, if you want to follow along. Lately I’ve been clicking “Like” on a lot of unlikeable news (that’s how I share interesting stuff with you on FriendFeed).

I’ve been through all the emotions too. Depression. Fear. But now I’m working through all these and I’m wondering what we can do? After all, we don’t have the ability to ask Congress for a bailout. I’d love to see ideas for everyone thrown around here and we’ll sift through the best ones. If you were a big-company executive, what would you do? What if you were a startup CEO? A VC? A geek churning out code?

I know a financial trader in Europe and he told me about losing a lot of money in one morning. I asked him what he did. He said he kept working the problem and by the end of the day he had made it mostly back.

So, let’s work the problem together. Here’s my challenge to Techcrunch, GigaOm, ReadWriteWeb, Center Networks, Mashable, and all my other thought leader friends.

Work the problem. Give us some things we can do right now. Feel free to link your URLs in the comments here. Make sure your blog is on FriendFeed, I’ll also share the best ideas there.

UPDATE: we are discussing this over on FriendFeed too.