Use Twitter or FriendFeed and win a new Seagate Drive

Disclaimer: Seagate is one of my sponsors and this post is part of that sponsorship.

Next week Seagate will announce some new hard drives on Tuesday — they are pretty cool drives, I got a preview under embargo that’ll run on Tuesday, September 16th 2008, on FastCompanyTV. Bill Watkins, CEO, will ring the bell at NASDAQ. But here’s a way you can win one of these new drives by doing nothing but using FriendFeed or Twitter.

On Tuesday at noon Eastern I’ll be standing by the Kodak sign in New York City’s Times Square (on side of Marriott Marquis hotel). I’ll have 20 drives. First 20 people to show me what Twitter or FriendFeed account they learned about the contest from will win a drive. So that’s one way you’ll win a drive, but that requires you to be in Times Square on Tuesday at noon. Not that easy for most of you.

But, not only will those 20 people win drives, but the 20 people who they learned about the contest from will also win a drive (we’ll send those to you).

All you need to do is Twitter or FriendFeed about the contest, tell your friends who’ll be in New York on Tuesday to come by and pick up a drive and you’ll win a drive too (these are cool drives, by the way, more about them on Tuesday).

Oh, and what happens if one of the 20 say they learned about the contest from me? Well, we’ll put that drive in a pool and randomly give it away to someone who Twittered or FriendFeeded about it.

Why only Twitter or FriendFeed? Because they both have great search engines that we can use to track your Tweets or FF items.

Make sure you include the word “Seagate” in your post. Also, yes, lawyers are involved and Seagate will have some rules and regulations up shortly and I’ll link to those on Monday.

Some ideas to help you win? If you have friends in NYC, make sure they know about the contest. Blog about your Tweet/FF item. Digg your Tweet/FF. Email your Tweet/FF around.

Any questions?