First hour with Google’s new browser

I’m playing with Google’s new Chrome browser. So far, damn, this is nice.


1. Uses less memory. I still need to do some tests on a clean machine, but it looks like it uses dramatically less memory than Firefox or IE8 beta2.
2. Faster. Both on startup and scrolling around. On my tests with Google Reader it’s dramatically faster in places.
3. Simplistic UI. It’s uncluttered. Simple. No links to Google stuff. Great for beginners, but truth be told I love using it too.
4. Larger viewport. I can see more content. Fewer toolbars and taskbars.


1. No Firefox extensions. I’ve been playing a lot lately with Greasemonkey and other extensions from Firefox.
2. Unclear compatibility. I’m seeing some reports over on FriendFeed that there’s some Web sites that don’t work with it.

Anyway, it’s being discussed all over the blogosphere right now, so I’m sure there’s a ton of articles about it on TechMeme (I haven’t looked, I just got home from one interview and am headed back out to another one).

But, after first hour? I’m definitely coming back to use it for a second hour. We’ll see if it survives a week. How about for you?