Google still has a sense of humor

Not only did Google announce Chrome (its new browser that’s making a splash all over TechMeme) with a comic book but there’s a bit more funny history as well.

Several years ago Microsoft had a project code-named Chrome. It was supposed to be a multimedia browser. The project was killed a few weeks away from shipping.

There are even still some articles up about the Microsoft Chrome project. Here’s one about the project getting killed.

But, more seriously, and not so humorous: I wonder what will happen to funding for Mozilla’s Firefox now that Google is headed into the browser business?

UPDATE: John Lilly, CEO of Mozilla, left a comment in this post saying that this won’t affect Mozilla. He also was interviewed by Om Malik where he said Mozilla isn’t worried.


Hot photosynth from IFA Berlin

Model in Samsung booth at IFA

Sorry, this is for Windows users only, but got a really neat Photosynth of a model sitting on top of a Harley Davidson motorcycle inside the Samsung booth at IFA in Berlin. You can use Microsoft’s Photosynth technology to “walk around” the exhibit.

For those of you with Macs, you’ll just have to see the photo of the YouTube camcorder that Samsung introduced there. CrunchGear has the details.

UPDATE: here’s another Photosynth, this time of the main Samsung booth, which was my favorite booth of IFA.

YouTube camcorder from Samsung

Zoho gets us ready for Office 2.0 conference

Last week on the WorkFastTV show, we got a little preview of the kinds of things we’ll see this week at the Office 2.0 Conference as Zoho’s evangelist Raju Vegesna visits us.

Zoho has a million users. All gotten without a brand name like Microsoft or Google. How did they get there? What have they done well? Do they have a chance to beat Microsoft’s Office? What is next for them, and the entire “collaborative worker” genre?

All that’s covered in the WorkFast video, but will get more debate on Techmeme later this week as a consequence of the conference.

If you’re looking for a new way to work, you should be there. Oh, the guy who puts on the conference, Ismael Ghalimi, was on our show a couple of months ago. He really knows this genre better than anyone on the planet (he keeps the most comprehensive database of collaborative work tools out there — more than 800 at last count).

Out of all the conferences I see on my event schedule, Office 2.0 is bringing the most useful services this year. Will this be the year that the Office 2.0 industry pulls away from Microsoft’s Office? Probably not in sales, but there’s definitely something going on here that’s worth paying attention to.

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