Streaming video comes to iPhone…

I just got a note that Qik just shipped into beta on the iPhone. I’ll be testing this out and will let you know what I think. One thing, the quality isn’t expected to be as good as what I get on my Nokia phones for two reasons:

1. The compression is being done in software on the iPhone, where on Nokia phones there’s hardware support for that.
2. The camera isn’t close to as good, particularly in low light.

But, that said, lots of people only have iPhones, and don’t have Nokia phones, so this will let a lot of people do streaming video from their cell phones that couldn’t do it before.

One thing: if you do this, it’ll probably really drain your batteries (my Nokias only last about 40 minutes when I do streaming video) so beware of that if you try to stream something long.

UPDATE: One big thing is you need to jailbreak your iPhone before you can load this app. That’s very unfortunate because most people will not jailbreak their phones.