Save journalism?

What a busy week. Where did it all go? I know I’ve been very active on FriendFeed lately. You can see all the things I liked there (I like things to tell you I think they are interesting for you to read) or see all the things I’ve commented on. I’m about to pass 5,000 things since February that I’ve liked, lots of fun stuff there.

One thing that I’ve been thinking about all week is this discussion of how to save journalism. Any discussion on that topic that has Jay Rosen show up has got to be good (he’s a journalism professor at New York University, among other things). It’s a demonstration of what I love about FriendFeed. The marketers, the idiots, the trolls, the jerks haven’t moved in in a big way yet. Yeah, they are there, but the moderation of FriendFeed is distributed to the edges (moderation of comments is left to the person who starts a topic and everyone can block jerks and spammers from their view) so things are still pretty interesting conversation wise.

Anyway, join in and let us know if you see any other way to save journalism.