The month of no startups

The third startup just wrote me to ask us to hold our videos that we’ve done with them until the TechCrunch 50 and Demo conferences slide by in early September.

Rafe Needleman, of CNET, demonstrates that I’m not the only one seeing this happen to.

One entrepreneur noted that TechCrunch’s crew looked very tired and told him that they had gotten 1,000 submissions to dig through for TechCrunch 50.

What does this do?

Well, it holds the best companies in PR hell. They can’t talk to the press if they want a shot at being on stage at either of these companies (which does bring PR and venture capital attention).

Funny that we’re back in this situation.

Anyway, that just gives other companies an opportunity. I was over at Google and Adobe yesterday making plans and was met with open arms. In fact, they welcome any blogger to contact them to build a relationship and check facts. Just write and they will try to help you out. They told me that they mostly are a reactive PR team because Google has hundreds of products/services that are iterating all the time (far different than, say, Apple, who only iterates once in a while).

So, if you could troll around Google with a video camera, what team would you go see?

My first choices? Android. Knol.

It also makes me realize that we need a new, how-to show that’ll be more practical. Sort of like a Make Magazine, but for people who are trying to use this new world. For instance, did you know that on Google Maps you can put in an address and then the word “restaurant” after it? It’ll show you that address and all the restaurants around it. I did that yesterday to find restaurants around Adobe’s headquarters.

That’s something that many people won’t figure out about their iPhone’s maps, though. There are thousands of little things like that that, if you knew them, make your life a lot neater.

Anyway, Rafe, why don’t we get together and do a joint project or something this next month. It’ll probably be our last chance to do some R&D for a while.

Oh, and today on WorkFastTV we’ll have David Kralik, Newt Gingrich’s Internet Strategist on. He’s going to show off a ton of eGovernment stuff. For those who don’t know, Newt is known for doing the most innovative stuff in government and I can’t wait.

That will be live at 10 a.m. Pacific Time, come join us, and then come join us in the interactive session right afterward.