The best Fortune Brainstorm Tech Talk: Neil Young challenges tech industry

“It has got dummied down,” musician Neil Young just told the audience. He is trying to get us all to pressure Apple and the PC industry to give us much better quality.

He chastised us all for not talking about the quality of music and not asking the industry for better quality. He says that if the industry included better digital to analog converters in their boxes he could deliver to all of us a much better experience.

What do you think? Would you like better quality music or do you think MP3 is good enough?

Why is this my favorite talk? Because it is one that put forth a very simple proposal to make all of our lives better.

He says that Apple is holding back the ability to give us all the ability to listen to “high-res” music that has four times the data of MP3’s.

Oh, and now he is talking about his ideas of how to get us better car technology. He is a geek. Love it.