A look into datacenter of future at HP Labs

A couple of weeks ago we visited HP Labs where Chandrakant Patel, HP Fellow and Director of HP Labs’ Sustainable IT Ecosystem Laboratory gave us a tour of the datacenter of the future. This datacenter was actually used to render the first two Shrek movies. Patel has worked at HP for 21 years, and is an interesting guy to have a conversation with.

What makes it futuristic? Because of the sensor grid and the way they can move cool air around the room to more efficiently cool the machines.

See what they are saying about this video over on FriendFeed. Here’s a taste: “another excellent interview.” “Awesome.” “Nice.”

Also, earlier this week we posted the interview with the head of HP Labs, Prith Banerjee. That was filmed in front of David Packard and Bill Hewlett’s original offices, so you work for HP and have never been to the headquarters, that’s what they look like.