Qik and Twitter goes to Congress and causes major controversy

The new press conference

The New York Times, tomorrow, has an article about the controversy over using Internet communications tools like Qik and Twitter and whether they should be allowed to be used by members of Congress. Both Qik and Twitter should be thanking Congressman John Culberson (that’s him, being Qik interviewed by me and Andrew Feinberg). You can read his Twitter account here and you can watch his Qik videos here. It’s amazing how this all started when Andrew Feinberg and I interviewed Culberson just a couple of weeks ago. Andrew broke this story and deserves the credit.

In this Qik video we filmed, you’ll hear him explain the coming controversy over using video in Congress.

Amazing how these tools are quickly being picked up in all sorts of non-techie places and are causing major controversies.

UPDATE: Andrew linked to more video and other posts on this story on FriendFeed.