Waiting in line for iPhones is glorious

I see that there are people already waiting in line for the Apple 3G iPhone.

I’m an expert on waiting in line for Apple products. My son and I waited 30+ hours in line last year to buy the first iPhone (we were first in line at the Apple store in Palo Alto, CA, which is the one closest to Steve Jobs’ home).

Personally, the line was more fun than using the product. It’ll always be one of the things in my life that I’ll remember. We had famous Apple software developers, famous CEOs and venture capitalists waiting in line, and a lot of other fun people, too.

But I’m going to say something shocking: the people this year who are waiting in line are chasing something that won’t show up.

First of all, the famous Apple geeks aren’t going to show up for an iteration, which is what this is.

Second of all, the TV crews will probably not show up this year. While there’s a lot of “inside the bubble” hype for the 3G iPhone, the hype for everyone else is not even close to what it was for the first iPhone.

Third of all, if Apple has any supply constraints this year the real story will be the plumeting stock price. So, I predict there won’t be any lack of supply and that everyone who wants a 3G iPhone will get one. So, waiting in line won’t get you an advantage.

But, waiting in line for an Apple product is glorious, even if it is idiotic. It’s certainly one way to get on Techmeme without writing a blog.

Ahh, it’ll be a long week of Apple hype.