Is getting “more traffic” your real goal?

Who is winning the race to get more traffic?

This 14-year-old kid, Fred. He’s gotten MILLIONS of views! 45 million at last count.

This is what happens when you try to simply be entertaining.

If traffic is your goal, here’s the formula. Do something really stupid that’ll make people laugh.

Me? I’ll stick with having a few thousand people passionate about learning more from innovative technologists and other leaders.

Why not get into the traffic race? Because I’d rather be in the race for a smart, focused audience. That’s where the real action is.

It also says volumes about why YouTube is losing millions of dollars every month. They can’t monetize this kid, and THAT should tell you how much real value there is in having a big audience.

Back to business: anytime I get a company who asks me about my traffic I’ll show them this blog post first and ask the question about why they haven’t sponsored this kid’s show already, since he has already won the traffic game.