BestBuy gets more productive on WorkFastTV

Every week we film a live WorkFastTV show at the Revision 3 studios in San Francisco as part of our FastCompanyTV family of shows. It’s where we cover how work is changing thanks to the Internet. Last week we had BestBuy, one of the world’s largest retailers, on the show to tell us how they are using collaborative software to make themselves more productive and better train their employees. That video is now up, some really interesting things they are doing with their 140,000 employees.

This week? We’ll film Thursday 10 a.m. Pacific Time because of the Fourth of July holiday here in the United States. Guest? New York Times Bestselling author Tim Ferriss (he wrote the 4-Hour Workweek). That should be lots of fun as we find out what he’s been doing to avoid working too much.

Who should we have on future shows? Coming up soon is David Allen, too.

Now that we’ve done a month’s worth of WorkFast, what do you like or hate about the show? How could we add more value to it for you?